Program on Climate Change 588, Winter 2009
Global Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gases


Finals Week
Presentations of final projects will be on Monday and Tuesday March 16 & 17 at 12pm in our usual classroom. The list of presentations and papers are available here. Please arrive a few minutes early to upload your presentation!

March 5th Geoengineering Lecture, Paper Discussion & Readings

Assigned reading:

Broecker (2008) CO2 Capture and Storage: Possibilities and Perspectives. Elements Vol. 5(4): 295-296. (I realize this is the entire journal, but the Broecker editorial is just the 2 pages. The entire issue is devoted to CO2 Sequestration, and there are several excellent articles and editorials in it for your reading pleasure!)

**** Paper Discussion for Thursday March 5th:

Broecker (2005) pp. 155-164. (This pdf file contains the entire book. The discussion will be on just the last 9 pages of the text.)

--> Lecture Notes (March 5, 2008) [pdf_v5_12MB_3-4-09]

February 20, 2009

Lecture Notes & Readings for Weeks 4.5-7

The Global Carbon Cycle, Jan. 29 - Feb. 26

*** Please print out your own copy of the lecture notes (or bring your laptop); hardcopies will not be distributed ***

*** 2/2/09--Please check frequently for updates to lectures notes.  Sorry, but I am constantly revising and writing material.  On the bright side you get the clearest, most up-to-date material I can provide.  On the downside you will have to check and make sure you are working with the most-updated version of the lectures notes.  I will try my best to make sure they are posted by 10:00 pm the night before class.

  • 1/28/09--C Cycle Lecture Notes, Pt. 1 [pdf_1-28-09_21MB]
  • 1/30/09--Clarification to Lecture Notes, Pt. 1 [pdf_1-30-09_1MB]
  • 2/2/09--C Cycle Lecture Notes, Pt. 1--Revised & uploaded 2/2/09 [pdf_2-2-09_28MB]
  • 2/5/09--C Cycle Lecture Notes, Pt. 1--Revised & uploaded 2/5/09 [pdf_2-5-09_31MB]
  • 2/2/09--C Cycle Lecture Notes, Pt 2 [pdf_2-2-09_17MB]
  • 2/9/09-C Cycle Lecture Notes, Pt.2--Revised & uploaded 2/9/09 [pdf_2-9-09_25MB]
  • 2/9/09--Reading Assignment for class discussion on Thurs. 2/12/09 -- Sigman & Boyle (2000). Glacial/interglacial variations in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Nature, 407, 859-869.
  • 2/13/09--C Cycle Lecture Notes. Pt. 2--Revised & Uploaded 2/13/09 [pdf_2-13-09_25MB]
  • 2/13/09:  The Midterm exam will be on Tuesday Feb. 17 and will count for 25% of your grade.  It will be 80 minutes long and consist of multiple choice questions (~15%) and short answer questions (~85%).  It will only cover material in Julian's carbon cycle lectures and the readings he assigned.  I recommend that you study those lecture notes and the assigned readings.  The exam will seek to probe your grasp of concepts more than facts.
  • 2/18/09:  Assigned reading reminder:  Broecker (2005) pp. 130-156.
  • 2/18/09:  C Cycle Lecture Notes Pt. 3 [pdf_2-18-09_15MB]

The next problem set is due on Thursday Feb 5. Download it here.

Tuesday January 27:

in-class paper discussion. We will discuss "Global and Regional Climate Changes due to Black Carbon" by Ramanathan and Carmichael, Nature Geoscience, April 2008.

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TTh 12:00-1:20 in the Ocean Science Building (OSB) 425.

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