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In this busy world it is easy to feel disconnected from food. Often food is an afterthought, a product we consume because we know it is essential. Rarely do we give thought to how this product came to be. This mindless eating is not unique to fast food, many people quickly grab some vegetables or a juice to fuel their day. If people were to stop and take a moment to think about the plant they are eating, I think they would come to some interesting discoveries. Plants start with a seed, they need good soil, water, and sunlight in order to grow. Roots reach down to anchor them in place and leaves reach out in growth. This process can be startling similar to our own. In life we all start small, our roots can be our family or what is familiar. The soil, water, and sunlight are like our nourishment, both physical and mental. The leaves reaching out are our intentions manifesting. It is interesting to apply this process to our intentions. Are we providing ourselves with adequate nourishment to attain our goals? Nourishment isn’t just about food, it’s the tools we need to grow. It can be an act of self-care, surrounding ourselves with the right type of people who want to see us grow or putting ourselves in good environments conducive to growth.

It is amazing the knowledge we can glean from a simple plant if we only take the time to stop and learn. This knowledge can help us lead better lives, filled with mindfulness and attention, making us more likely to achieve our goals. This knowledge can also motivate us to take better care of our food and promote more sustainable practices. Perhaps it will also motivate some to do some planting of their own, to be able to nurture and watch the growth of their food.

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