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  • - - Through the processes of tectonics, Turkey has largely been shaped. "Mount Ararat, of Biblical fame, has been volcanically active during the last 10,000 years (Gale, 2006)" with active earthquakes around the location. Eruption of Mount Ararat was recorded to have been during 1840, 1783?, 1450?, 300?, 550 BC?, and 2450 BC. In 1840 there was a large earthquake, phreatic eruption and pyroclastic flow. "An earthquake in 1840 was accompanied by an eruption of Ararat Volcano, lahars, landslides, floods, soil subsidence and liquefaction."(Karakhanian, et al. 2004)" Mount Ararat is a stratovolcano formed of lava flows and pyroclastic deposits.
  • - - Mount Ararat consists of several valley glaciers with an ice cap approximately 10 km in length."Present day glaciers and Quaternary glacial deposits occur in 3 regions in Turkey (Ciner 2003)" which included The East Anatolia region.