The Real Jurassic Park: Geological Explorations in Southwest England
University of Washington, Tacoma
TESC 417: Summer 2006

Professors: Cheryl Greengrove / Sian Davies-Vollum

The Real Jurassic Park: Geology field course along the south coast of England (TESC 417)

England is the undisputed birthplace of geology with a rich history of geological discovery dating back to the 19th Century. The geological exposures along the Dorset and East Devon coast have been particularly important for the development of the science. It is here that the first fossilists gained initial insight into ancient life on earth and that early cartographers undertook some of the first geological mapping. The remarkably exposed geology of this part of England and its contribution to science was recently recognized when it was designated as a United Nations World Heritage Site (Jurassic Coast). The Jurassic Coastline, as the site has come to be known, is named for its spectacular rock and fossil record of the Jurassic period.

With its rich historical and cultural connections to the natural world this locale represents a unique opportunity to introduce students to the broader social contexts of geology. Student learning in this course included pre-trip immersion classes, experiential field experiences, field journaling and post-trip research and presentations. Studies focused on scientific concepts and an understanding of the geology and landscape. Also included in the studies were the cultural and social aspects of southwest England.



Locations--in trip order:

Kimmeridge Bay
Lulworth Cove
Chesil Beach
Lyme Regis (Church Cliffs)
West Bay
Beer and Seaton
Budleigh Salterton

Detail Map


Class Photo

Class picture at the Geoneedle at Orcombe Point at Exmouth--our last stop on the Jurassic World Hertiage Coast


Crouch, Alison -- "The Romans In Britannia"

Deraitus, Kathy -- "Building England's Castles"

Eriz, Raquel -- "Mary Anning: Paleontology's Enigmatic First Lady"

Graham, Brieanna -- "The Cretaceous Chalk of Southern England"

Green, Lisa -- "Holy Architecture: Cathedrals, Abbeys and Parish Churches of Southwest England"

Johnson, Liz -- Lyme Regis: No Longer Slipping Away"

Leger, Gus -- "Geology, Landscapes, and Land Use of Dorset and East Devon"

Palermo, Heidi -- "The Great Fire of London and the Reconstruction"

Parvi, Nels -- Fossil Collecting on the Jurassic Coast"

Podrasky, Daniel -- "From the Global to the Local: Environmental Art and the Creative Process Within"

Ripatti, Jenny -- "Geology and Tourism on the South England Coast"

Riss, Jeanine -- "World Heritage: Conservation Efforts in the United Kindom and Ireland"

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