Statistical Genetics Seminar

Winter Quarter 2009
Tuesday 4:00-5:00,F643 HSB


Jan 6:

  • Organizational meeting to set the schedule and speakers for the quarter.
  • A list of possible papers on relationships and relatedness is here.
  • Additional suggestions of papers/topics in this general area are very welcome.

    Jan 13: Cassy Robinson and Beate Peter (with Elizabeth Thompson)
    Thompson, E. A. (1975)
    The estimation of pairwise relationship. Ann. Hum. Genet. 39: 173--188.
    The basics of pairwise relationships: parametrization and likelihood.

    Jan 20: Natalie Thompson and Sangsoon Wu (with Barbara McKnight)
    Boehnke M and Cox NJ (1997) (Also, pdf link)
    Accurate inference of relationships in sib-pair linkage studies. Am J Hum Genet. 61: 423--429.
    And now we add a genetic map: basics + map.

    Jan 27: Charles Cheung and Kevin Rubenstein (with Vladimir Minin)
    Epstein, M.P., Duren, W. D., and Boehnke, M. (2000) (Also, pdf link)
    Improved inference of relationship for pairs of individuals.
    American Journal of Human Genetics 70: 170--180.
    And now we add the possibility of typing error: basics + map + error.

    Feb 3: Yanming Di and Ming Su (with Barbara McKnight)
    Sieberts, S., Wijsman, E.M., and Thompson, E. A. (2002) (Also, pdf link)
    Relationship inference from trios of individuals in the presence of typing error.
    American Journal of Human Genetics 70: 170--180.
    And now we see if typing more relatives helps: basics + map + error + other relatives.

    Feb 10: Liz Marchani and Patrick Danaher (with Jon Wakefield)
    " Painter, I. (1996) Sibship reconstruction without parental information.
    JABES, 2: 212--229
    Now we move to the idea of sampling over relationship space.

    Feb 17: Serge Sverdlov and Pui Yee Fong (with Ellen Wijsman)
    Eric C. Anderson and John Carlos Garza (2006) The Power of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms for Large-Scale Parentage Inference
    Genetics, 172: 2567-2582, doi:10.1534/genetics.105.048074
    Measures and sources of information for parentage inference.
    Erratum message from Eric A.: "the figures for paternity inference in table 1 are in error. This is explained in the software tutorial.

    Feb 24: David Myers and Steven Lewis (with Ellen Wijsman)
    Sheehan NA, Egeland T (2007)
    Structured incorporation of prior information in relationship identification problems.
    Ann Hum Genet 71: 501-518
    Incorporating prior information.

    Mar 3: Yoonha Choi and Xiewen Zheng (with Bruce Weir)
    Purcell, S., Neale, B., Todd-Brown, K., Thomas, L., Ferreira, M.A.R., et al. (2007)
    PLINK: a tool set for whole-genome association and population-based linkage analyses.
    American Journal of Human Genetics 81: 559--575.
    Detecting relationships and/or ibd among individuals in populations.

    Mar 10: Julia Palacios and Zheng Cai (with Bruce Weir)
    Sharon R. Browning (2008)
    Estimation of Pairwise Identity by Descent From Dense Genetic Marker Data in a Population Sample of Haplotypes
    Genetics 178: 2123-2132
    Detecting ibd segments of genome between haplotypes in populations.