Visual Storytelling
Autumn 2014

WELCOME to our gallery of class projects, the culmination of BISMCS 472 A & B  Advanced Media Production Workshop: Visual Storytelling. Our autumn quarter has been an exploration of digital video in the construction of narratives as tools for communicating information, whether in the form of data from field research, original stories, promotional shorts, or creative expressions drawn from our own experiences and imaginations. As a class and as individuals, we have begun thinking about and visually crafting our own stories in digital video with campus resources available, including equipment and support from UW Bothell IT, Digital Media Services, and the Digital Media Lab (DML) UW2- 121. Our work in media production is informed by theoretical and practical readings, as well as a review of a variety of visual texts – from still photography to digital video. This has been the basis for our workshop and forum, and the starting point for a series of media tasks/lab assignments, as well as the planning and execution of our original short-format story projects.

We hope you enjoy our work!