A Nice Surprise

Nick Kono – 4:01, drama/romance

A casual study night leads to a surprising development.

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5 Responses to A Nice Surprise

  1. nkono713 says:

    I had to change my narrative because two actors were busy and I didn’t have a location to shoot. I had to think of a rough script and storyboard before shooting.
    In this video, I used the large 3-piece lighting kit. Since the area of shooting was a bit constricted with furniture and such, I couldn’t have an ideal set up. If I had more time, I would’ve written a more thorough script and storyboard. I also used a bluetooth mic. to record. The white-noise could be more adjusted. I tried to follow the rule of thirds and 180 degree as much as possible.

  2. yomarab says:

    This video was really well put together. I really liked the music in the background and it wasn’t too overpowering to what was happening in the shot. The shots were really clean and clear and I liked the looks each of the characters had towards each other. It looked realistic. The girl character could have kept her eyes away from the camera, but overall the production was well put together.

  3. liraw says:

    i really like this story line. i love how you followed the 180 degree rule , the music is perfect for this video. true lighting was right on point, everything had a focus., and i notice a variety of range of shots, overall i feel that you put a lot of thought into this video and did a great job putting it together.

  4. rachelkiossovski says:

    Loooooooove this one! Super good story, good script, good lighting, good casting. I really liked how you used that music and how it went along with the whole video except the end, which when you used the sound effects was absolutely perfect!


    The storyline was funny, ( I like two of your video clips, I think its very creative. Good job) The music was a good choice (very seasonal since Christmas is coming) It is good that you used the lighting kits, however, I think you should adjust the level of the lightness or to reposition the light or the camera. In addition, at the parts where two characters having cookie, I think that would be great if you can move the camera a bit and capture the male character (not just a small part of his face).
    Overall, I think you did a good job on this project.

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