Bone complications of heart transplantation

Factors that contribute to bone disease in patients with heart or lung disease

Bone loss after heart transplantation

Graph of bone loss in liver transplant patients Each line on the graph is data from a different study.

Fractures in liver transplant recipients

Graph of fractures in liver transplant patients The grey background shows number of patients in each study, the black bars are the fracture rates. Bone density is generally lower in patients who get a fracture, but some patients fracture despite normal bone density. Older patients and women are more likely to fracture.

The osteocalcin levels decrease during the first 3 months after transplantation, and then they increase to levels higher than normal. The collagen-cross-links also increase.

A recent study has shown that magnesium intake was inversely associated with bone loss in heart transplant recipients. This is possibly related to PTH, which may be lower in the patients who took less magnesium.

Several small or uncontrolled studies have been done in patients after heart transplantation, but the results are not consistent. Agents used have included calcitonin, calcidiol, calcitriol, etidronate, pamidronate, or alendronate.

Hypercalcemia has been reported after vitamin D treatment, The bisphosphonates decreased bone loss in some studies but not in others. No obvious side effects or interactions with cyclosporine were described in these studies during the first year of treatment.

Table of literature review


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