Schedule of Topics and Assignments

Complete required readings (R) before class on the day listed, and bring primary texts (readings in Owen and the Course Readers) to class on the day for which they are assigned.


Week 01

M 3/27 Course Mechanics

T 3/28 Course Themes

W 3/29 Qu Verse

Th 3/30 Yuan Sanqu

F 3/31 Yuan Sanqu (cont.)


Week 02

M 4/3 Narrative and Romance

T 4/4 Zhugongdiao

W 4/5 Theater

Th 4/6 Zaju; Guan Hanqing



Week 03


T 4/11 The Story of the Western Wing

W 4/12 Pinghua

Th 4/13 The Ming Novel: The Journey to the West

F 4/14 The Ming Novel: The Water Margin


Week 04

M 4/17 MIDTERM 1

T 4/18 Ming Informal Prose

W 4/19 Jin Shengtan

Th 4/20 Feng Menglong

F 4/21 The Ming Vernacular Story


Week 05

M 4/24 Ming Chuanqi

T 4/25 Ming Chuanqi (cont.)

W 4/26 Li Yu

Th 4/27 Qing Chuanqi; The Peach Blossom Fan

F 4/30 Qing Chuanqi; The Peach Blossom Fan (cont.)


Week 06

M 5/1 Qing Poetry and Yuan Mei

T 5/2 Pu Songling

W 5/3 The Qing Novel: The Scholars

Th 5/4 The Qing Novel: The Story of the Stone

F 5/5 The Qing Novel: Flowers in the Mirror


Week 07

M 5/8 The Late Qing

T 5/9 Liang Qichao

W 5/10 Late Qing Fiction

Th 5/11 Baihua and the Literary Revolution

F 5/12 MIDTERM 2


Week 08

M 5/15 Lu Xun

T 5/16 Romanticism

W 5/17 Women's Voices

Th 5/18 Realism and Revolution

F 5/19 Alternatives: Regionalism and Decadence


Week 09

M 5/22 The New Poetry

T 5/23 The New Drama

W 5/24 Yan'an

Th 5/25 Flowers and Weeds

F 5/26 Literature of and for the People


Week 10

M 5/29 NO CLASS: Memorial Day Holiday

T 5/30 Scars and Mist

W 5/31 Roots and the Avant-Garde

Th 6/1 Taiwan I

F 6/2 Taiwan II


Final Exam 8:30-10:20 a.m. Monday, Jun. 5, 2006