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Course content: Refining and extending the concepts and skills introduced in CSS342, you further develop problem-solving, design, programming, and testing competencies. You become confident C++ object-oriented programmers. You will understand how to analyze a problem and design a solution, recognizing when existing techniques and software are reusable. You will know many basic data structures, algorithms, and the tradeoffs among memory, running time, and implementation time associated with them. Topics include: data abstraction, trees, tables and priority queues, graphs, computational complexity and algorithm analysis. Formal automata theory as it applies to programming languages is introduced including regular expressions, grammars, and Turing machines.
Announcements:   Remember, do not allow non-CSS students in the labs (most importantly so they will not consume our resources). If resource consumption is abused, your lab fee will be increased. There are tutors available in UW1 310 or 320 to help with your programs: