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The Oatmeal comments on mantis shrimp vision
Park or Bird?
Computer Vision for Squirrel Detection
NYTimes: A Lesson of Tesla Crashes? Computer Vision Can't Do It All Yet
Code Quality, Code Quality 2, Code Quality 3 (xkcd comics)
Warp Obama/Biden or Warp McCain/Palin
        Test image: http://courses.washington.edu/css487/assign/p1/grey.gif
Noise 2
Noise reduction
Smoothing by averaging
Gaussian filtering
Median filter
Convolution examples in GIMP
Edge detection
Edge detection 2
Edge detection 3
Edge detection 4
Hough transform 1
Hough transform 2
        Try: http://courses.washington.edu/css487/edge.gif
Brightness illusions
Color illusions
K-means clustering
Hierarchical clustering
Active contours
        Try: Continuity Very High, Curvature High, Gradient Low
Active contours 2