Creating a Quality Poster

The poster session is required participation and it is designed with the following outcomes: Some suggestions: You can find sample posters (from previous colloquiums) posted in the hallway on the third floor of UW1.

Here is some good advice (from CSS 301) on making a perfect poster.
Now evaluate if you made a good poster as your advisor will be -- Poster Rubric

Suggestions for poster design are given at
(Although these suggestions were published for student researchers, many of the ideas are also applicable to your capstone posters.)

Courtesy of the NASA Space Grant Consortium, are two worksheets:

Visit the NASA Space Grant website to learn more about how to create an effective poster presentation.

You do not need to spend money on a poster, but for most students, you'll want to print a nice poster. For a reasonable price, you can get your poster printed at the Office of Research of UWB. The Office of Research also offers poster workshops; see their upcoming events list to see when their next poster workshop is.