Giving a Quality Presentation

You must attend at least one CSS Student Colloquium prior to the quarter you will present so that you can get a sense of expectations and what good and bad presentations/posters look like. Practice your talk and show drafts of your poster and presentation to your advisor.

For the presentation, go over the organization and your project:

Presentations can get a bit technical, but not too much as there's not time. Presentations are 10 minutes so be organized. Aim for around 9 minutes as there usually aren't too many questions. If there is time, end with a summary, things such as:

The University of Washington (Seattle) Undergraduate Research office has some information about giving presentations on their website. Here is a powerpoint presentation on: How to give an effective 10-minute research talk. The UWB Office of Research also offers oral presentation workshops; see their upcoming events list to see when their next oral presentation workshop is.

Evaluate, as your advisor will be, if you put together a good presentation -- Presentation Rubric

Here are a few tips for the day of the talk: