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Projects for the Waterfront - Whidby Island + Seattle

LARCH 303 Natural Processes in Design



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Welcome to the Seawall Studio website. Here you'll find info concerning the studio, as well as links to resources for the topics we'll be covering.

Course Materials includes exercises which have been handed out, including base maps,as well as some of the presentations that Kristina and Jeff have made in class.

Resources includes materials that we've received from other sources that may be of use.

Links doesn't have anything under it yet!

If you have any questions or items you'd like to add to the site, please let us know.



with special thanks to City Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck



Spring 2005



Kristina Hill (kzhill@u.washington.edu)

Jeff Hou (jhou@u.washington.edu)



Sarah Preisler (sarahpre@u.washington.edu)

Meriwether Wilson (wilsonmw@u.washington.edu)


Time: MWF 1:30-5:20pm