EE 400

Entrepreneurial Capstone Seminar

2 credits

Autumn 2017

Fridays: 11:30-12:50 pm
SIG 225

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EE 400 is a 2-credit course designed to lay the foundation for EE 497/498 (Entrepreneurial Capstone I and II) by studying topics in innovation readiness, entrepreneurship, project management, IP/patents, budgeting, procurement, and systems engineering.


  • Payman Arabshahi, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics Laboratory, ude.notgnihsaw.ee@namyap, Tel: (206) 221-6990. Office hours: after class (JHN 075), or by appointment.
  • John D. Sahr, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, ude.notgnihsaw.ee@rhasdj, Tel: (206) 685-1793. Office hours: after class (JHN 075), or by appointment.

    Teaching Assistant: Shruti Misra, ude.wu@541mrhs, Tel: TBD Office Hours: TBD in TBD, or by appointment.

    Class Mailing List: ude.wu@61ua_a694ee.


    • Readings and Summaries: 20% - Every other week a reading and summary of the topic, plus thoughts on the importance and parallels of systems engineering based upon the reading. About one page.
    • Homeworks: 20% - Every other week. Homework will be graded/checked mainly for completion, and the amount of qualitative thought that goes into each answer.
    • Project: 60% - Based on a new design or existing design, which will be broken down and reconstructed using the Systems Engineering Process.

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