EE 400

Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering:
Leadership Seminar

1 credit

Winter 2014

Fridays: 10:30-11:20 am
EEB 125

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EE 400 is a 1-credit course designed to demonstrate the depth and breadth of a career in Electrical Engineering. Each week we will have a speaker from industry to talk to you about their career after getting a degree at the UW. All our speakers are UW EE alumni who have gone on to pursue a multitude of paths.

Your EE degree can take you into many directions and this class is a sampling of the variety of careers you can pursue as demonstrated by our own alumni.

Moderators: Payman Arabshahi, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Box 352500, ude.notgnihsaw.ee@namyap, Tel: (206) 221-6990; and Mahnaz Sherzoi, Associate Director of Advancement, College of Engineering, Box 352180, ude.notgnihsaw.u@zanham, Tel: (206) 685-1927.

Class Mailing List: ude.notgnihsaw.u@41iw_a004ee.

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