Class meets on Wednesdays from 1:30 to 4:20 pm. We meet in the Douglas classroom (room 103) and related areas (headhouse, greenhouse, compound).  Classes begin on March 29.


There will be a field trip from noon to 7 pm on Wednesday, May 17.  PARTICIPATION IS REQUIRED OF ALL STUDENTS.


Please contact Jon Bakker if you have questions about this course.

Jon Bakker

Associate Professor

Room 036, Merrill Hall

UW Botanic Gardens

By appointment



Contact Details:

Native Plant Production

ESRM 412

Spring 2017





Office hours:



Mary-Margaret Greene



UW Botanic Gardens

By appointment

By appointment


Our required course text is:

Dumroese, R.K., T. Luna, and T.D. Landis (editors). 2008. Nursery manual for native plants: a guide for tribal nurseries. Agriculture Handbook 730. USDA Forest Service, Washington, DC. 302 p.

A limited number of hard copies are available on reserve in the Miller Library.  The text is also available online (click on picture to be directed to it).