ESS431: Principles of Glaciology

(ESS505, The Cryosphere)
University of Washington
Autumn, 2019

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Instructor: Knut Christianson
Office: ATG 218
Office Hours: Tue, Thu 2-3 pm & by appointment

TA: Andrew Hoffman
Office: ATG 210
Office Hours: By appointment

TA: Alex Huth
Office: ATG 210
Office Hours: By appointment

Mon-Wed-Fri 1:30 - 2:50 JHN 127

Blue Glacier, Olympic Peninsula, Washington, in September 1995.
Blue Glacier, Mt Olympus, in September 1995.

In this course you will learn about a broad range of questions involving ice in the environment, and its role in global change. Topics include: formation, deposition and metamorphism of snow; glacier flow; glaciers and landscape; behavior of ice sheets and interpretation of their chemistry and internal structure; growth and decay of sea ice and relation to climate; geomorphology of permafrost terrain; paleoclimate reconstruction from glacial geomorphology. The course is primarily descriptive, but stresses a physical understanding of underlying processes. It is taught by a group of UW faculty, all with expertise in broadly diverse areas in glaciology.
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