Fish and Wildlife Toxicology

Lecture Syllabus

Fish 455 ESRM 457, Winter 10
Fish and Wildlife Toxicology

Course description

Environmental contamination has become an important stress on many fish and wildlife populations and the habitats and prey on which they depend. This course is designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students a basic understanding of toxicology. Topics include: the history/development of the field, the framework under which the exposure of fish and wildlife to contaminants is regulated in the United States; methods used to assess hazards contaminants pose to fish and wildlife; sublethal and indirect effects; review of the major classes of contaminants; and contemporary threats of contaminants to fish and wildlife in North America. Instruction will involve lectures, presentations of case studies, and discussions of selected readings. Twice a month, students will be expected to attend a 2-hr late afternoon/early evening review session that will consist of lecture as needed, a question answer session and/or video or slide presentations; time to be determined by the class. Students will be asked to read selected literature provided in course packets available at the Ave Copy Center.

Grading policy
Grades will be based on two in-class exams (60%) and a final exam (40%).

Required readings
Copies of book chapters and journal articles for each week (75-150 pages) will be in course packets available for purchase at the Ave Copy Center (4141 University Way NE, 206-633-1837) on Monday, January 11th. Other reading may be substituted by the instructor.


Exams will be comprehensive (all material covered prior to the time of the exam, including readings or as noted) and will consist of short answer, matching and multiple choice. Each regular exam will be worth 100 points; Final 200 points. Bonus questions worth at least an additional 10 points will be included on each regular exam (at least 20 points on the Final Exam) and count toward the total exam score, but not the total points on the exams. Grades will be based on the total number of points (100 per regular exam, 200 on the final) and not on a class curve.

EXAM 1 scheduled for Feb. 2nd (30% of grade; will cover course material through Lecture 6)

EXAM 2 scheduled for Feb. 25th (30% of grade; will cover course material through Lecture 12)

FINAL EXAM scheduled for March 17th  in FSH 107 and will be comprehensive (40% of grade).