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Overview papers

All overiew papers are 1.5-2 pages, 11 point Times Roman font, one inch margin on all side, and single spaced. The "summary" part should be half a page to one page maximum. The "reflections/thoughts" part should be one page to 1.5 pages maximum (entire paper should be just over 1,000 words). While you can do your reading and studying in study groups, reflections are individual submissions.

Please submit the papers via the following link by 9:30 AM on the due dates:
Also print a copy of your paper and bring it to class for discussion. File names for email submission should be lastname_due_date.(doc or pdf) (e.g. smith_090210.doc).


You will work on a midterm and a final project, three students to a team. In your project proposals (150-200 words), please describe the primary topic you wish to address in your presentation. Include a tentative title and your names. Also include a "second choice" topic (one line title). Slide presentations should be timed for 20-22 minutes and should emphasize clarity and content.

Week 1

  • Due 8-24-10: Overview paper on Gordon, Chapters 1 and 2; Ariely, Introduction and Chapter 1.
  • Due 8-25-10: Overview paper on Gordon, Chapters 3, 4, and 5; Ariely, Chapter 2.
  • Due 8-26-10: Overview paper on Gordon, Chapters 6, 7, and 8; Ariely, Chapter 3.
  • Due 8-27-10: Midterm project one-paragraph proposal.

Week 2

  • Due 8-30-10: Overview paper on Hölldobler/Wilson, The Life and Death of the Colony; Ariely, Chapter 4.
  • Due 8-31-10: Overview paper on Hölldobler/Wilson, How Ants Communicate; Ariely, Chapter 5.
  • Due 9-1-10: Overview paper on Hölldobler/Wilson, War and Foreign Policy; Ariely, Chapter 6.
  • Due 9-2-10: Overview paper on Hölldobler/Wilson, Conflict and Dominance; Ariely, Chapter 7, and final project one-paragraph proposal.

Week 3

  • Due 9-7-10: Midterm project presentations.
  • Due 9-8-10: Overview paper on Hölldobler/Wilson, The Origin of Cooperation; Ariely, Chapters 8 and 9.
  • Due 9-9-10: Overview paper on Hölldobler/Wilson, The Superorganism; Ariely, Chapters 10 and 11.

Week 4

  • Due 9-13-10: Overview paper on Hölldobler/Wilson, Social Parasites: Breaking the Code; Ariely, Chapter 12 and 13.
  • Due 9-14-10: Overview paper on Hölldobler/Wilson, Army Ants; Ariely, Chapter 14.
  • Due 9-15-10: Overview paper on Hölldobler/Wilson, How Ants Control Their Environment; Ariely, Chapter 15.
  • Due 9-16-10: Final project presentations


The following videos will be shown and discussed in class through the 4-week duration of the course.