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Download the most recent and stable version here. [Last updated September 30, 2012]

Installation Pre-requisites
- Windows (with latest software updates installed)
- Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package and .NET framework version 4.0 or above
- Windows version of Radiance: Download installers from NREL website. Ensure that %RAYPATH% and %PATH% are set to point to the Radiance 'lib' and 'bin' folders respectively.

Note: A valid cache directory is required for hdrscope to function. Please set this after installation from Tools > Settings menu before proceeding to use the software. The cache directory must not have special characters and spaces.

- Evalglare v.1.04 is bundled within hdrscope. The evalglare.exe file is located under c:\hdrscope. If you would like to use the newer version of Evalglare, simply copy the exe file to C:\hdrscope and replace with the existing version.
- We thank Erik Reinhard for allowing us to use and distribute the photographic tonemapping operator through media available from: Reinhard E, Ward G, Pattanaik S, and Debevec P. High Dynamic Range Imaging: Acquisition, Display, and Image-Based Lighting, Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics, 2005.