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HSTEU 402 REFORMATION EUROPE        Professor Mary O’Neil        Fall 2017



                    Albrecht Durer, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1498


HSTEU402                   REFORMATION EUROPE                                                      Fall 2017

Mary O'Neil, Associate Professor
Class meets Tues & Thurs 11:30-1:20, Room Smith 304

Office: Smith 212A
Office Hours:
Weds 1-3, Tues and Thurs after class
                     other times by appointment; the best way to reach me is
E-mail address:; also check your own UW e-mail for occasional notices

Course Web page:

This course studies the Protestant Reformation in 16 th century Europe, its origins, development,
different religious groups, and its impact on European culture and society. We will focus on:
1) intellectual and religious conflicts between reformers and their opponents;
2) social, economic and political causes and consequences of the Reformation.

Required Readings: available at Bookstore
Steve Ozment, The Age of Reform: 1250-1550
Hans Hillerbrand (ed), The Protestant Reformation (revised edition; page numbers also given for earlier edition)
Ernst Winter (ed), Erasmus-Luther Debate on Free Will
Saint Ignatius Loyola, Autobiography

Xerox packet: Additional readings will be available on line and in xerox packet.
If you want them all in one place, please sign up for the packet. If you sign up, you must purchase it.

Course Requirements

CLASS DISCUSSION & 3 READING RESPONSES: one page, typed or handwritten   10%

Discussions of primary documents assigned for course reading will be scheduled. Students should
complete the assigned reading prior to these meetings, bring the book to class and be prepared
to contribute to class discussion. Every student must complete three reading responses, one page
to be turned in on the day of a discussion, two before the midterm and one after. There will be
a least one discussion a week, so you will have many opportunities to turn in a one page statement about the reading. The idea is to have you think about the reading beforehand, and to bring up points during the in-class discussion. Response papers will be marked as +, V
or - (plus, check or minus).

EXAMS: Midterm exam , Thurs NOVEMBER   2  in class (Bring blue books.)                       20%

FINAL EXAM: WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 13, 4:30 - 6:30 PM (Bring blue books.)               

Late papers will be marked down -.1 per day overdue unless excused due to illness or personal emergency.

One short paper,
4-5 pages, due     THURSDAY OCTOBER 26                                         20%
Paper topics posted on link at left
One longer paper, 6-8 pages, due TUESDAY DECEMBER 5                                              25%

There will be further discussion of papers in class. The first short papers draw on primary documents assigned in class; the second longer papers should draw on both primary and secondary documents. Please clear any non-assigned topics with me well before due date.

All assignments must be turned in to complete this course for credit. It is your responsibility to turn in assignments and to keep the Professor posted on any delays. If you are sick or otherwise unable to take an exam, you should e-mail me before the time of the exam.




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