Help File

This help file is divided into the following sections:


Scroll through the Index on until you find the term you are looking for, then click on it. In depth information about the selected lesion will appear in place of the index, including pictures of actual cases. At any time you may click on the pictures to expand them for a better view.


The module is designed to introduce the descriptive terms for primary and secondary skin lesions. The text accompanying each image uses additional descriptors (in bold type face) which are linked (by clicking on the word) to definitions. Disease names and other concepts (in italic typeface) are defined for your enrichment and to satisfy any curiosity you might have about them.

When reviewing images you can:

  1. click on a photo in the text stream to review a medium-sized view of the image.
  2. fill the screen by clicking on the medium-sized image.

To return to the lesson from this full screen image you must click on the BACK button on your browser (in upper left corner of your screen in most browsers).

Copyright/Title Information

Clicking on the 'Title' button displays the copyright and title information for the project. This page also holds the 'Start' button if you want to begin again.