IND E 591


Autumn 2014


Tues  1:30-2:20



        W. Art Chaovalitwongse, Professor
        Phone: (206) 221-8045

Seminar Announcements:


Oct. 7, 2014      Saad Sheikh, PhD

                                Data and Applied Scientist, MicrosoftÕs Bing division

                          BingPredicts: Predicting the Future with Big Data


Oct. 14, 2014    Shan Liu, PhD

                                Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, UW

                          Healthcare Modeling and Decision Making: Models and Insights for Chronic Diseases



Friday Seminar 1:30-2:20

Oct. 24, 2014    Yu Ding, PhD

                                Mike & Sugar Barnes Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Texas A&M University

                          Imaging and Statistical Methods for Nano Material Characterization and Modeling




Oct. 28, 2014    David McCalib, MS

                                Senior Worldwide Design Engineer,

                          Facility Layout Planning




Nov. 4, 2014     Kat Steele, PhD

                                Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UW

                         The Ultimate Machine: Strategies for understanding and improving movement disorders




Nov. 11, 2014    No seminar. INFORMS Meeting.




Nov. 18, 2014    Shuai Huang, PhD

                                 Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, UW

                         Smart Monitoring of Complex Diseases - What a Statistician Can Do



Nov. 25, 2014    Christina Mastrangelo, PhD

                                 Associate Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, UW

                         Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models: Application to Yield Modeling




Dec. 2, 2014     Ghassan Abu-Lebdeh, PhD

                                Associate Professor, Civil Engineering, American University of Sharjah

                         Transport Systems and Public Health: the Case of Traffic Congestion





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