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(Source: CBS News; Collage by Grace Li)

The areas hit hardest by the tsunami were Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Indonesia, but casualties were also reported from Bangladesh, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, and as far as East Africa. Shorelines of the affected areas have drastically changed by the waves of the tsunami. Large amounts of sediment filled up estuary outlets and bays. In extreme cases, up to half of some low-lying islands of India, Indonesia and the Maldives were drastically reshaped and submerged.

Many deaths occurred as people were attracted to the large amount of fish that washed ashore with the first wave, and were caught off guard as the surge of the tsunami came in. As of January 7 2005, over 160,000 people have lost their lives in the disaster. In Indonesia alone, the death toll has increased to 110,000 people. Shoreline fishing villages have suffered the most due to their proximity to the water. Community infrastructures have totally washed away in many locations. The amount of land area devastated is still unknown.

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