• Click here to enter Moodle for LING 200, Spring 2015. (The direct link is Please bookmark this link so you can easily go back and access the site.)
  • But wait! You will need a code to enroll in Moodle. These are tied to your section. First go find your Moodle enrollment codes in our GoPost. Then click above to enter and enroll in Moodle. (You only need to enter a code the first time.)
  • Please register your clicker as soon as possible. Go to Moodle, and on the left there will be a list of options. At the bottom there will be a purple button that says "Turning Technologies". Click on that, and enter your clicker number. If you are on the mobile site, the button may be on the bottom of the page instead of the left. If you can't find it, try a different browser (Internet Explorer and Firefox are probably best). If you still can't find it, let one of the teaching team know.
  • If you are curious, Moodle is a "learning management system", basically a web page with assessment capability and some other fancy stuff. Here is a short history of Moodle.