Course is offered on odd years.

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Course Description

Considerations of the biochemical mechanisms for the biotransformation of drugs and foreign compounds. Includes reaction mechanisms, ultrastructural considerations, induction mechanisms, methodology, kinetics of inhibition and activation, steroid and amine metabolism. Course is offered jointly with PHCOL 527 on odd years.

Course Schedule

Date Topic Instructor
Jan 7 Introduction Rettie/Thummel
Jan 9 P450 I: Basics- Nomenclature, Substrate Specificity Rettie
Jan 11 P450 II: Structure-Function Rettie
Jan 14 P450 III: Reaction Mechanisms A Totah
Jan 16 P450 IV: Reaction Mechanisms B Totah
Jan 18 Non-Heme Oxygenases Rettie
Jan 21 HOLIDAY  
Jan 23 Hydrolysis and Reduction Rettie
Jan 25 Literature Critique I (20) Totah
Jan 28 Acetylation/Methylation Rettie
Jan 30 Exam 1 (80)  
Feb 1 Glucuronidation/Sulfation Atkins
Feb 4 Glutathione Conjugation Atkins
Feb 6 Drug Transporters I Prasad
Feb 8 Drug Transporters II
NOTE: Class canceled due to weather
Feb 11 P450 Inhibition I (Reversible)


Feb 13 P450 Inhibition II (Irreversible) Kunze
Feb 15 Activation Atkins
Feb 18 HOLIDAY  
Feb 20 Exam 2 (70)  
Feb 22 P450 Induction (Nuclear Receptors, Stabilization) Thummel
Feb 25 P450 Induction (Clinical, Pathophysiological Effects) Thummel
Feb 27 Pharmacogenomics I Thummel
Mar 1 Pharmacogenomics II Rettie
Mar 4 Literature Critique II (20) Rettie
Mar 6 Safety Considerations in Drug Development Wienkers
Mar 8 Cellular Toxicity Totah
Mar 11 Chemical Toxicity Totah
Mar 13 Toxicity: Avoidance Strategies Totah
Mar 15 Model Systems: Aristolochic Acid Case Study Kelly
Mar 19 FINAL EXAM (80)  

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