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Diagnostic Radiology Imaging Physics Course


Course Description

This course provides radiology residents with an understanding of the physical principles and theories involved in diagnostic imaging modalities. For each imaging modality, the image formation process along with important image quality metrics (noise, low-contrast resolution, spatial resolution, etc…) and their relation to image appearance are discussed. The course uses the AAPM curriculum and the RSNA web modules to provide clinical relevance and to aid each resident in preparing for the ABR board examination. Additionally, basic radiation safety, radiation biology, radiation protection, and radiation risk are discussed. The course objective is to provide the radiology resident with an understanding of current imaging technology and of the physical principles that drive image quality and radiation dose.

R2 Syllabus

R3 Syllabus

R4 Syllabus

RSNA/AAPM Module Link

ABR Diagnostic Radiology CORE Exam Study Guide (p. 73 Physics)


Meeting Time/Location

Day:          Thursday
Time:         2-3 p.m.
Location:    RR202




The Diagnostic Radiology Imaging Physics Course Quiz 4 (on Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT, & Nuclear Regulations) is now open and available for you to take. An individually-assigned link to the Catalyst exam module will be sent to you directly via email.
This quiz is intended to be closed-book. You will only have 2-hours in which to complete the exam. Access to the test portal will close at the end of the day (11:59 pm) on Friday, December 15, 2017.
Please notify Nate Bell if you have any questions about, or problems with, this particular assignment.

Thank you and good luck!

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