TCSS 343, Spring 2007

Current Assignment
Assignment 6 : Due 5/25. Here is starter code

for the assignment.

Assignment 7 : Due 5/30.

All Assignments
Note: Future assignments will generally not be on the website until they are assigned, which will typically be on the day the previous assignment was due. The anticipated due dates of assigments are listed in the schedule. A missing due date below means the link for the assignment is not yet working, and that the assignment is not yet available.

  1. Assignment 1 : Due 4/2.
  2. Assignment 2 : Due 4/9.
  3. Assignment 3 : Due 4/23. Here is a zip file of starter code.
  4. Assignment 4 : Due 4/30.
  5. Assignment 5 : Due 5/7.
  6. Assignment 6 : Due 5/25. Here is starter code for the assignment.
  7. Assignment 7 : Due 5/30. 
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Participation Problems
  • Due W 3/28: Write a recurrence relation representing exactly how many comparisons are performed in the algorithm F(n) (p. 70) for computing factorial.
  • Due W 4/4: Exactly how many key comparisons are performed by the Algorithm Merge (p. 126) in the worst case? Your answer should be in terms of p and q, which are the lengths of the two arrays being merged. How about in the best-case?
  • Due W 4/11: Solve recurrence equation #2, in the new recurrence equation and analysis sheet available from the notes section. The recurrences are at the end of the sheet.
  • Due W 4/18: Exercises section 8.1, problem #1.
  • Due W 4/25: Explain what the Memory Function technique is in the context of Dynamic Programming.
  • Due W 5/2: Give a definition for a Strongly Connected Component of a directed graph. (See the exercises in section 5.3 of the book).
  • Due W 5/9: What is the most difficult problem you have seen in the homeworks so far, and what aspect of it was difficult?
  • Due W 5/23: What is the difference between linear programming and integer linear programming? Which problem is harder to solve?  What does our book say about the run-times for algorithms solving these problems?