Stellenbosch, South Africa

By David Allison and Lonnie Arnold - Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Tacoma

Stellenbosch is located at 33.92°S Latitude, 18.86°E Longitude in the Western Cape province of South Africa.  It is about 30 miles east of Cape Town, and is the center of the South African wine industry.


 (Flickr 2007) - Stellenbosch and surroundings seen from a distance

The Western Cape region around Stellenbosch is home to a number of mountains, contributing to the fertility of the wine vinyards.

Mountains of the Stellenbosch Region

There are a number of rivers and tributaries in the Western Cape region, providing fresh water and irrigation potential for the wine growing areas.

River Conditions of the Western Cape Region

Here we examine the soil conditions in the region surrounding Stellenbosch.

Soils of the Southwestern Cape: An Overview of General Uses, Sustainablity and Desertification