ARCS Foundation

"Transformations in biology"

Arcs Mission

Founded in 1958 in the wake of the launch of Sputnik, the mission of the ARCS Foundation (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists) is to further the study of science, medicine and engineering at the most prestigious universities in the United States by offering financial incentives to continue their graduate studies. The goal of ARCS Fellowships is to further the worldwide advancement of science and technology. Members of the ARCS Foundation are frequently non-scientists committed to improving the state of science particularly for women and minorities. It is through the generosity of these women that many in science can succeed…

History of ARCS

Founded in response to the 1958 launch of Sputnik, the ARCS Foundation began as mainly a social group for women interested in science, and while to some extent, it remains so today, it also has incorporated learning expeditions for its members including attending field trips, lectures, and symposia. There are 13 ARCS chapters in various cities across the country, with over 1400 members nationally. One of the most active and successful chapter is right here in Seattle.

The Seattle chapter was founded in the 1978 by a small group of 29 women. The very first check written to the University of Washington was for $1000. With time and the leadership of a few talented individuals, ARCS is now the single largest donor to the University of Washington, with almost 800 million dollars raised for fellowships in 2004 alone.

ARCS Fellows

ARCS fellowships have been awarded to many students over the year. Here is a sampling of some former University of Washington ARCS fellows.

Year Recipient, Name and Current Position

1983 Steve Palumbi Professor, Biology, Stanford Univeristy

1986 Walter Reid Director, Malaysia Ecosystem Assessment Program

1987 Jon C. Herron Lecturer, Biol. Textbook Author, Univ. Washington

1997 Erica Goldman Science Writer, Maryland SeaGrant Program

1998 Lisa Savage Postdoc, The Nature Conservancy

The Women of ARCSs

The ARCS foundation is made up of a group of mainly women who are committed to the support scientific research through charitable donations in the form of fellowships. These women represent a wide variety of backgrounds and interests but all are linked by their commitment to science and philanthropy. Many of these women began their love of science early in their lives, but were unable to pursue a scientific career, and as such see their participation in the ARCS foundation as a way in which they can help provide young women in science with the opportunities they did not have. Others simply love scientific research and want to help in any way they can.