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My heartfelt thanks to James Hoath, whose computer wisdom allowed us to fully manipulate the data borrowed from David Hart's conversion of Zaliznyak to an EDIX-WORDIX version in Cyrillic and converted by us with the aid of an ingenious (at the time) proprietary font designed by Tom Ridgeway for use within our FoxPro database; and, to CARTAH of the University of Washington, who encouraged and enabled me to finally get the database up and working in MySQL and PHP; and particularly, to Stacy Waters of CARTAH who has provided immeasurable assistance. My special thanks also to Triet Le who found the key for moving our proprietary Cyrillic font to a web-usable system and was in charge of making the database searchable on the web. The pop-up morphological summary screens have been achieved with the help of Henry Todd, database entrepreneur and all around good guy. Current improvements are due to the help of MySQL professional, Michael Dunlap, who has succeeded in updating the software to allow us to switch to Unicode.

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