Ultimate (& Sustainable) Makeover: White Center Heights Park



White Center Heights Park is a 5.57-acre park just south of the HOPE VI Greenbridge Redevelopment and White Center Heights Elementary School. In February 2007, King County received a $550,000 grant from Starbucks Co. to renovate the underdeveloped park which currently consists a large open lawn, a drainage ditch, wetlands and a couple of benches. The renovation will be carried out in a one-week ultimate makeover in June 2007.

Working with the White Center Community Development Association, the King County Parks and Recreation, and other community stakeholders, the students at the University of Washington have developed six alternative plans that address diverse issues and needs as identified in two community meetings and workshops conducted with the Southwest Boys and Girls Club and students and teachers from the White Center Heights Elementary.

The plans each consist of a park master plan, a phasing scheme (June 2007, 2008-2009, and 2010-2015), and a phase-one schematic design to be implemented in June. The goal of the plan is to stretch the project beyond the instantaneous makeover into a longer process needed for more meaningful community engagement, building of community ownership and stewardship of the park, and restoration of wetlands and habitats. The phasing strategy would also ensure long-term investment and facilitate the park’s continued evolution to address the needs of the diverse and changing community.

+ Site Analysis

+ Design Alternatives