Ultimate (& Sustainable) Makeover: White Center Heights Park



[Design Alternatives]

A. “Metamorphosis” of White Center Heights Park…

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Our vision for this site is one that is a whimsical celebration of the diversity within White Center and symbolizes the positive metamorphosis the community is currently experiencing.  The garden area in the northern part of the design is intended to contain multicultural gardens. These gardens could be planted and maintained by the local community, ultimately fostering community participation and pride in the park. Savannah Hines-Elzinga and Dylan Yamashita [return to top]

B. New Life and Joy

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The dragonfly provided the core inspiration of this design. Its life cycle, habitat requirements, and the cultural significance synthesize well with the park restoration and community needs. The dragonfly is readily recognizable in many cultures and is often identified with rebirth and the ensuing joy. This June, White Center Heights Park will begin to emerge as a place of joy and community where people gather and celebrate the mix of cultures. Tehia Kalebaugh and Nicole Mikesh [return to top]

C. Convergence: Connecting Community and Ecology

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The convergence of community and the ecology is the driving force behind the design. Although it is difficult to meld nature into the urban fabric it is essential.  This park succeeds in creating a place that community members feel safe, comfortable, and where they enjoy meeting their neighbors. Children have multiple opportunities to play, from climbing on boulders to swinging and field sports.  It is through design that the convergence of the community of White Center begins to take care of the sensitivities of this park. Kayla Lowber and Tim Shuck [return to top]

D. Reclaim and Rediscover

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As if White Center were stripped of its concrete layering, the mounds in this design harkens to the pre-existing topographic experience of a rural landscape on a pedestrian scale. At different levels and in changing pockets of space, this design invites the community to enjoy and experience the park from different perspectives and views.  The treatment of the landscape is underscored by the presence of sun and water throughout the park. The conceptual response to light, water, and land is meant to create a playful environment for community members of all ages. Michael Michalek and Zach Smith [return to top]

E. White Center Community Park

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The organizing principle of this park follows a grid pattern that produces a mosaic of spaces, which serve the diverse users. Different cultures use public space in a variety of ways, and the flexibility of spaces throughout this design promote community interaction and celebration. Various sized spaces respond to the need for holding large cultural gatherings as well as passive recreation. This park breaks through cultural boundaries and serves as a canvas for the White Center community to explore its own identity. Peter Nelson and Terry Shaver [return to top]

F. The Ties That Bind

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As the paths weave and they meander through the path system they are brought in intimate connection with the landscape and with the implied connection to the hydrological cycle and the mirroring wetland to the west and south. The Ties That Bind reflects upon our very nature as humans on this planet and the community of White Center as well.  This wonderfully diverse community needs a park to come together, the design features areas for all ages to play, relax, and interact. Kent Straub-Jones and Xiaowei Zhang [return to top]






















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