ESS4 524: Heat and Mass Flow Modeling in Earth Sciences
University of Washington
Spring 2020

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Earth and Space Sciences ESS 524
Introduction to Heat and Mass Flow Modeling in Earth Sciences


Each participant in ESS 524 maintains a journal or log book to record ideas, insights, and activities. In dated entries, please record:

  • your new ideas or insights into numerical procedures
  • concepts and ideas about your term project
  • activities carried out on your project
  • status reports on your project
  • questions that you are wondering about, or concepts that are still unclear and could benefit from further discussion.

By each Monday, please submit your journal for the preceding week as a .pdf or a .doc file on Canvas.

Unless you have been particularly inspired, a typical weekly journal might be about 2 pages, at 1.5 line spacing. Let's use that as an initial rough guide.  But please don't let this inhibit you from writing down more good stuff.