A Stab in the Dark

Eric Kuwornu – 5:05, drama

When rivalry among co-workers gets out of hand, their manager must step in.

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3 Responses to A Stab in the Dark

  1. ekuwornu says:

    I believe this is an improvement over the previous works done. In this project I was able to put pieces of shots together in order to allow free flow of continuous conversation or dialogue between the actors. I added music to demonstrate how aggressive a particular scene was. In a whole, it is a impressive short drama.
    I have also learnt alot in this class with regards to editing, and video taken.

  2. chaksumy says:

    I can see your improvement over the quarter. In this project, you were being a good director to tells what to do and what to say. In my option, you must have confidence during the production and stick with your plan. (Don’t let other people’s opinion to influence your plan)

  3. edrasr says:

    Being this is your first production class, you did great job directing and planing your scenes. Your post production skills has improved using straights and fade outs to give your video more effect. I hope your daughter likes the improved skills in video editing. Over all good planning and nice use of angle and sounds.

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