A Day in the Fraternity

Mo Narlanka – 3:38, documentary style/informational

An insider’s view of a fraternity house near UW’s Seattle campus.

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One Response to A Day in the Fraternity

  1. Mo says:

    I really enjoyed doing this final video for our class. Originally I was going to make a video about bullying, but i felt that I had touched that subject enough and decided to rather make a video about our house. I wanted to also make a video that followed me around the house, but realized it would be more interesting if I had several members do the tour. I think one of the hardest parts and biggest regrets I have is being unable to use a tripod and achieve a steady-cam. After getting a tripod i realized that i had broken it and was unable to get it to work for my project. That meant that the whole time I walked around I had to freehand record everything. I think that turned out to be a major flaw in my video, and I really wish there was something I could have done about that, but it was really too late. I liked doing the low angle shot of the house and being able to do a walk by from the outside but again would have really liked if my tripod had worked. I think the biggest improvements this video has from my previous works are in using a bluetooth mic to improve audio, and using post production methods to even out audio as well as incorporate more cuts. Those two aspects were things that I was very happy about in this final project. I think that I had good audio levels and balanced audio levels throughout the video which is really helpful. I was also pretty happy about how I was able to incorporate a lot of cuts in the movie. I know that it was one of my weaknesses and am glad i was able to improve that. For the most part I thought I had a good amount of balance lighting and was happy about this as well. Overall an enjoyable project and something I think I did well at.

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