Last Minute

James Bell – 4:02, comedy

Student waits until the last minute to start a class assignment.

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2 Responses to Last Minute

  1. jleebe18 says:

    The things I did well on this video is I did the transitions well for each scene. I cut down the video because it was too long at first. With most of my work for this quarter I didn’t really use any lighting kits or fancy cameras like I did for this project. I have approved tons from my first video too now. The things I would do differently for this project is try to take some shadows out of the video and cut out the extra noises in the background.

  2. monaresbritt says:

    Funny story line! It was just a little frustrating to see your back every single time you talked though. Overall you can see that you put some thought into the shots that you did take, and the shots that you wanted to see in the entire scene. Great effort!

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