Will Lira – 4:35, comedy/thriller

Strange things happen just as a group of friends gather for movie night. (Contains strong language.)

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2 Responses to Waterborne

  1. liraw says:

    for my video I had difficulties filming. for one I was on a time crunch, my actors had a time schedule and so i had to work with what i got. I was not able to reshoot some scenes, so i notice some shots were a little bit blurry and not focused. I had some problems with the lighting but i was able to fix that throughout my production by turning some lights off. overall i thought i did a good job but could of been better if i was able to reshoot some scenes.

  2. caleb.white23@gmail.com says:

    Nice video. I like all of the drake references and the ending was perfect. Some of the shots inside could have been lit better, they were a little dark and shadowy. The audio was clear, and there were a good range of shots and perspectives used. Good pacing as well, each portion of the narrative had a good consistent amount of screen time.

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