The Change


Yang Qie – 3:48, drama/comedy

A cosmic event leads to a woman and man switching bodies in this tale of the weird.

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4 Responses to The Change

  1. yangqie says:

    My video is talking about some funny things after a couple switch their bodies. The camera I used was Cannon T3. I did use tripod during my shooting. Everything follows prompt. I did not use any special lights. I just use the home light which looks good too. I did use range of shot, and different angles. If I have more time, I would use more close-shot instead of wild or middle shot.

  2. kamu says:

    At first I didn’t really understand what you wanted to show us because there wasn’t title on the video. Now I feel like its a lot more better understanding your video. I think overall it is funny and interesting. Good use of the camera, good focus, range of shots, lighting and rule of thirds,etc. I laughed when I saw the male acting like a female.

  3. chrisj68 says:

    I thought that your video was good overall and very funny. Some of the shots could have had better lighting like the first scene for example. I thought that your post production transitions and audio was nicely done.

  4. I think the overall continuity was really good. Definitely followed the prompts.n For the most part had an obvious attention to lighting. Sometimes a little dark but the effort definitely showed up. I do like the darkness of the opening scene. Kind of an omen for the twist to come. Los of different angles and range o shots. Creatively done. Could have used some white balance. Good audio quality and levels. Never a sudden shock to the ear. Plus, the actor was pretty cute! Good job.

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