The Great Key Hunt

Chris Merryman – 3:12, drama/comedy

A mother frantically searches for her lost keys.

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7 Responses to The Great Key Hunt

  1. I think I used a lot of different visuals, there were different views of my search, and a lot of different angles that helped to create my sense of urgency. I feel the story line was cohesive and obvious and followed the prompt really well. I redid my audio so that every thing was more consistent and the music wasn’t so startling but remained an important part of the story. White balance good which was helped by the amount of light I was able to add to my house which is generally dark. I used a couple of transitions to help with the continuity and decrease the length of scenes where there was initially not enough information provided, like walking down the hall to my kitchen, I dissolved from the stairs to the kitchen to speed it up a bit. I think the safe zones were well utilized so that all the important information was the main focus while retaining the surrounding information as to scene. I do wish I could have used a tripod more to get rid of some of the shakiness but it was too difficult with the range of shots and angles.

  2. yangqie says:

    I like your video. I think everything is follow the prompt. You did use range of shot, and different angles to shoot. Also, your background music makes your video more vivid However, the music sound is too lowed. Maybe you can fix some audio part.

  3. fmcs says:

    I thought tat this was edited really well. The shaky camera really matched the situation of losing your keys. It was also really clever to use those different range of shots. The camera work is really good. The music you used when you noticed your keys were gone really matched the situation. The only thing I would add is some music while your trying to find the keys. But aside from that everything was really good.


    I think you did a great job on this project. You used a good range of shots and different angles which was good. The camera was under eye-level increase the scenes more dramatic.

    Good job

  5. kamu says:

    I really like the way that how the camera was used on your video. Although it is not that”dramatic”, its real that child always “steal” your thing to make your attention. It has a lot of close up shots. The focus of the camera was good, the audio level was good, the lighting was good. The finally thing I want to say is your son is so cute.

  6. yanetc says:

    Your video was overall great and I loved how your son appeared in the video again! He is adorable!!!(: I loved the many shots that were taken and the overall video was was great!! I like how you incorporated music to add more effect once you found out your keys were missing. Great Job on the Video!!

  7. Vivian L. Wang says:

    I really enjoyed your video! It is something we all can relate to. There were so many great range of shots included throughout the video, the camera were always steady and focused well. The music piece used suited well with the scene and added amusement to the video. Good use of natural light, some scenes could used more but overall really well done!

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