Good Mourning

Ian Almacen – 3:10, drama/comedy

Ian wakes up hungry for a bowl of cereal.

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5 Responses to Good Mourning

  1. AlmacenI says:

    I think that I fulfilled the assignment and created a dramatic piece. I didn’t have any issues with production. Positioning the shots and the lighting took time, but I feel that I was able to produce the best video I’ve done this quarter. During post-production, I had issues with the audio. I checked out the shotgun mic for the first time and thought it allow me to have the highest quality audio possible. When editing, I found that there was a buzz going on throughout the whole video. I don’t really know what I could have done to fix that. Overall, I think I was able to improve on my lighting and the video turned out well.


    The video is very interesting and funny at some part. You used the ranges of shots and different angles. The camera was steady and the audio was good ( except the first part of your video, it seemed like you forgot to add the audio. I also think that could be great if you can use the lighting kit at some scenes when you are at the kitchen to show your facial expression clearly.
    I think your video follows the prompt. Your acting skill is good, too.
    Great job

  3. chrisj68 says:

    I thought that your video was good and pretty funny. I thought that the audio has some static in it and there are a few scenes that could use a little more lighting. I liked the range of shots that you included in your video. Overall, this was a good video and followed the prompt.

  4. nkono713 says:

    Great video! Some of the shots could be cut a little shorter to make the video tighter. You incorporated a a range of shots- waking up (camera set afar to capture the bedroom w/ natural lighting, close up of the faces, eating). The audio was a good too except for the beginning part when it cut off. Other than the small things, the overall video was well done.

  5. jleebe18 says:

    Funny and great video. Some of your shots could of been cut down a little bit. Great use of shots and use of natural lighting. The audio could of been touched up a tiny bit in the first. Overall great job.

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