SCAND 190/GERMAN 190 — Fall 2011

Crime Scenes:
Investigating the Cinema and Its Cultures

Eric Ames & Andrew Nestingen
Teaching Assistant:
Gloria Man
“How many bodies do you think we’ll find?”

Acts of violence and mysterious motives have fascinated cinema audiences for more than a century. This introduction-to-film course gives you a set of tools for investigating the cinema and its international cultures. Directors to be discussed include such notables as Fritz Lang, Carl Dreyer, Billy Wilder, and Aki Kaurismäki; films include M, Minority Report, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Meeting Times and Location:

Tu 11:30-1:20: KNE 220 (Screening)
W 11:30-12:20: CDH 109 (Discussion)
Th  11:30-1:20: KNE 220 (Lecture)
F  11:30-12:20: CDH 109 (Discussion)

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