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  CSS 162 - Programming Methodology - Summer 2012

Uma Murthy
Office hours: Mon, 4-5pm and Tue, 4-5pm, UW1 - 360E

In this course, you will transition from a focus on basic programming skills to applying those skills to solve problems. You will do this by learning to think of software development as a rigorous process, in which the actual programming is one of the smallest parts. You will be introduced to higher-level problem solving approaches, such as recursion and generic programming, and larger-scale organization and algorithms, like object orientation, lists, stacks, queues, searching, and sorting. You will gain familiarity with software development techniques, such as the importance of thinking about specifications, design, and testing before coding and the utility of incremental development in an exploratory environment. You will also develop an understanding of the mathematical nature of software development by examining the relationship algorithms, programs, and the underlying theory, including logic, sets, functions, number bases.


July 18, 2012: Midterm1 solutions are available now.

July 2, 2012: Midterm1 topics are available now.

June 18, 2012: Welcome! Please read through the syllabus completely, go through the website, and bring your questions to lab on Tuesday, June 19.