CSS342 Fall 2011 Peer Design Reviews

The process for conducting a peer design review is to ask yourself questions like the following as you either read through a peer's design document or listen to your peer present his or her design. Answer each question as "completely lacking", "present, but incomplete" (if an attempt was made to include that element, but it is perfunctory or misses essential items or insights), or "substantially complete" (if that element includes enough information that an implementation based on it is unlikely to include major errors). Use these assessments to give feedback. Remember, your assessment is not used in my grading, so be frank and helpful.

  1. Is the problem statement present? Does it answer the questions in the syllabus? Does it clarify anything about the problem that was unclear in the original assignment?
  2. Are input/output data and error handling sections present? Do they answer all of the questions from the syllabus? Could you write the code to read the input and write the output based on this, and would it work properly?
  3. Is the test plan substantive? Does it do more than just test input validation? If you just used this test plan, would you feel confident that the program would work?
  4. Are all of the major components described by structure charts and/or class diagrams? Are you confident you know what all of the classes, methods, member variables, and stand-alone functions are? What they are supposed to do? Are the good design principles described in chapter 1 of the textbook followed?
  5. Overall, do you feel that you could implement this design? Do you think it correctly describes both what the solution is supposed to do and how it is supposed to do it?