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  CSS 342 D - Data Structures, Algorithms, and Discrete Math I - Fall 2016

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Dr. Carol Zander   zander@u.washington.edu   http://faculty.washington.edu/zander

This fast-paced course sequence (with CSS 343) is intended to bring entering students' backgrounds up to a level where they can take Junior and Senior level CSS courses. By the end of this quarter, you will be familiar with much of the C++ language and the basics of object-oriented programming. You will understand how to analyze a problem and design a solution. You will know many basic data structures, algorithms, and the tradeoffs among memory, running time, and implementation time associated with them. Topics include: data abstraction, recursion, computational complexity and algorithm analysis, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, searching and sorting, templates, and introductory object-oriented programming and design. Additional discrete math topics are covered including number bases and representation, mathematical induction, propositional and predicate logic.

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