CSS 450 – Computer Graphics

Tuesday/Thursday 5:45pm – 7:50pm
            Room: UW1-030

Kelvin Sung (ksung@u.washington.edu)


CSS450        Computing and Software Systems        UW Bothell   


Important Links:

·  GoPost Discussion (questions/comments etc.)

·  Library eReserve (First six chapters of textbook)

·  Textbook Tutorials & more



·  MFC & DirectX

·  Resources from fellow 450 students

·  XNA: Developing MPs on the XBOX 360 console.


UWB Resources:

·  Quantitative Skills Center (QSC)

·  Writing Center


Other Resources:

·  WinMerge

·  Source version support

§ Client: TortioseCVS. Here is an example of TortioseCVS setup.

§ Free site: assembla



Here are some interesting final projects from Fall 2008. Due to disk quota limitations I cannot post everyone’s final project here. These are just examples of what we have done.


·   Here is the Syllabus

·   Your current standing in this class at this point.

·   Permission for showing your work


·   Link to enter Progress Demo Score


·   Link to enter Final Project Demo Score


·   Here are the two sets upon which you can form project groups. Please find a partner from the set you belong in. I have included the language/API you used in your mp2 implementation. I hope that will help you find partners. Remember, mp4, mp5 and final project are group work. Quiz continues to be individual efforts!

Due dates: (MP Submission Area)


Due Date (at 5:45pm)

MP1 – Part I

Thursday 10/2/2008  (Help on MFC)

        – All

Tuesday 10/7/2008


Thursday 10/16/2009  (Help on D3D)


Tuesday 10/28/2008

Begin group work, quizzes are still individual effort!!


Thursday 11/06/2008

Final Project Proposal

Thursday 11/13/2008


Thursday 11/20/2008

Prototype Demo

Tuesday 12/02/2008

Tuesday 11/25/2008

Final Demo

Tuesday 12/09/2008

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