ESS 203 Glaciers and Global Change

Instructor: Ed Waddington

Office: 715 ATG
Office Hours: By arrangement
Telephone: 543-4585

Meeting Times and Locations

Lecture: 12:30-1:20 MWF JHN 111

Lab (section AA): 9:30-12:20 Tues,  JHN 011
Lab (section AB): 9:30-12:20 Thurs, JHN 011

Glaciers are shrinking in Washington State


South Cascade Glacier, in North Cascades National Park, shrank tremendously from 1928 to 2010  What's going on here?    [images from NSIDC]

Ice cliff, Barne Glacier, Antarctica

In the polar regions, many glaciers end in the ocean. This is Barne Glacier, on Ross Island in Antarctica. Could these glaciers be threatened by rising ocean temperatures? By rising sea level?

Greenland Ice Sheet

This is Earth's second-biggest glacier. Ice cores have been drilled at the labeled sites, to recover past climate information, with some records going back well over 100,000 years.

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