ESS203: Glaciers and Global Change
University of Washington
Winter, 2020

Group Projects

In this class, you are investigating glaciers and other ice bodies both from the natural sciences perspective (how do glaciers work?), and from a human social perspective (how do glaciers impact humans, and how do human define our responses?). (This parallels the fact that the course can provide NW credit, or I&S credit.) In your term project, you and your group will probably decide to consider both perspectives.

Often, the first place (and possibly the only place) where individuals in our society hear about glaciers is through the popular press, which can include newspapers, magazines, TV, major blogs, etc.

Stories about glaciers and Earth’s ice in the popular press are often triggered by a press release by a government Lab or by a University or by a major peer-reviewed journal about publication of a new article in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. A reporter from the press will often interview some of the authors and other scientists in the field.

For your term projects in this class, you will form a group, with 1 or 2 other classmates.

[If you can find partners who are also in your Lab section, your presentation (Week 10) will be logistically simpler.]

Your group will find and discuss a story about changes in the cryosphere that has been covered both in the peer-reviewed scientific literature and in the popular press.

See detailed instructions on the right sidebar.

Ideally, each group member will contribute substantially to your group paper. In addition to the group paper, I will also ask each of you to turn in a short (1 page or less) paper describing your activities and contributions to the group project.

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