The Holocene Express
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PCC: ATMS, ESS, OCEAN 586A, Winter 2007
The Holocene Express

1. Introductory Lectures on Holocene Climate (1/16/07)

Roe: Holocene Climate Forcing Lecture (pdf)

Sachs: Holocene Climate Trends Lecture (pdf)

2. Cryosphere (1/23, 30; 2/6, 13, 20)

Steig: Holocene Climate Variability Lecture (pdf)

→ Sea ice (Andy, Clark Katie, Rina)

→ Mountain glaciers (Roo, Jim, Gerard, Greg)

→ Ice sheets (Brian, Paul, Angie)

→ Ice volume & Sea level (Aaron, Julian, Sandy)

Assigned Readings:
Bond, G., et al. (1997), A Pervasive Millenial-Scale Cycle in North Atlantic Holocene and Glacial Climates, Science, 278, 1257–1266.

• Kutzbach, J.E., Guetter, P.J., (1986) The influence of changing orbital parameters and surface boundary conditions on climate simulations for the past 18,000 years. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 43(16), 1726-1759.

Otto-Bliesner et al. (2006) Last Glacial Maximum and Holocene Climate in CCSM3, Journal of Climate, 19, 2526-2544.

Class Discussion: 1/23/07 [pdf]

Literature summaries: newWeek2all [pdf], Julian-Aaron_benthicd18O_sealevel [pdf]

2.  Monsoons

-->  Indian and Asian Summer Monsoon strength

Assigned Readings:

Fleitmann, D., et al. (2003), Holocene Forcing of the Indian Monsoon Recorded in a Stalagmite from Southern Oman, Science, 300, 1737-1739.

4. Winds & Storms

→ Position and strength of Westerlies, Trade winds, Storms and storm tracks

• Alley, R. B., et al. (1997), Holocene climatic instability: A prominent, widespread event 8200 yr ago, Geology, 25, 483-486.

TENTATIVE Rind, D. (1998), Latitudinal temperature gradients and climate change, Journal of Geophysical Research, 103, 5943-5971.

4. Ocean Circulation

→ Meridional overturning circulation, western boundary currents, thermocline depth & geometry

• (A paleo paper)

• (A modeling or dynamics review or seminal paper)

5. Monsoons & Continental Interiors

→Indian & Asian monsoon strength. Continental temperature & hydrology.

• (A paleo paper)

• (A modeling or dynamics review or seminal paper)

6. ENSO & Tropical Dynamics

→ENSO frequency and strength. ITCZ position.

• (A paleo paper)

• (A modeling or dynamics review or seminal paper)

7. Synthesis #1

8. Synthesis #2